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  • Shanghai Gruman International Fire Equipment Co., Ltd
    Shanghai Gruman International Fire Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Gruman International Fire Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Gruman International Fire Equipment co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") was established in April 1989, and its predecessor was the Shanghai fire equipment general factory, which was built in 1918. It is China's earliest enterprise which is engaged in fire product R&D and production, produced the first fire truck in China and is the core designated enterprise of the People's Republic of China ministry of public security fire truck and firefighting equipment, the first fire truck Sino-foreign joint venture in China and China's fire truck industry backbone enterprises. Equipped with the registration certificate of the equipment, take the task of the multi-military equipment the equipment R&D and production In the past 100 years of development, the company has filled many gaps in China's fire-fighting equipment industry. In October 2014, it became a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.

With RMB196 million registered capital, the company is located in No. 32 Beinei road, Songjiang zone, Shanghai, occupied an area of 161 mu, building area of 43000 ㎡, has all kinds of production and testing equipments more than 400 sets, and the production capacity can reach 1000 sets of various kinds of fire truck. Company is currently planning to invest RMB500 million to build a new R&D and production base, 40000㎡ modern plant and 20000 ㎡R&D office building. After finished, the new factory will achieve annual production capacity of 2000 sets of various types of fire trucks and a variety of special vehicle, and become a domestic leading and modern R&D and production base. The new factory is expected to be completed and put into use in June 2017.

In December 2012, the company completed from the state to the corporation system reform, become the only domestic listed company (Shenzhen GEM) of aerial work platform industry - Xuzhou Handler Special Vehicle Co., ltd wholly owned subsidiary. The company developed quickly from then on. After the restructuring, around vision, mission, positioning, strategies, goals and common values, the company insist to the innovation of science and technology to achieve the technology leading, take the way of “technology leading differentiation" development. The economic benefits have been improved year by year, and the competitiveness, image and social status of the industry have been greatly improved, and good results have been achieved.

The company can provide complete range and series of fire equipment: water/foam/dry powder fire truck, rescue truck, multi-task lighting vehicle, and especially better in build emergency chemical relief vehicle, long-range and high-volume supply fire truck, turbojet fire truck, 18m~55m water tower/elevated platform fire truck, forcible break rescue fire truck, firefighting robot and pumping system etc. it is one of firefighting company which have most completely types products in same industry. Fire fighting robot, city firefighting products and elevated platform fire truck is company’s main products.

The company is the  designated enterprise of the national ministry of industry and information, the ministry of public security to produce special vehicle and fire truck; The secondary enterprise of national security standardization; The third-level Secrecy qualification enterprise to produce equipments and military products for  The general assembly department of the PLA; Shanghai high-tech enterprise, Shanghai famous brand products enterprise; It is the main unit to drafting relevant national standards of the fire fighting truck and the designated unit of the national fire truck testing center; The company has a complete quality assurance system and get relevant certification, the second party of GB/T19001, GJB9001 system, third party review and supervision audit, and third level military industry confidentiality qualification certification audit.

The company has 280 employees and the R&D staff takes 20 percents, set up perfect organizational structure including R&D, production, quality, marketing and management.

Company will persist in “technology leading differentiation” strategy and perform “Make the firefighting safer, more efficient and more intelligent “mission. Now company will continue to consolidate domestic market and expand oversea space, firmly follow the innovation road, and constantly develop international-level fire equipment to satisfy customers’ needs. Gruman also sincerely looks for talents and organization to cooperate with the fire equipment business.

Company vision: the century brand innovation leads the industry to develop military and civilian integration to guarantee social peace and tranquility.

Mission: Make the firefighting safer, more efficient and more intelligent!

Company positioning: to be a high-tech and innovative high-tech enterprise.

Company strategy: "technology leading differentiation" development strategy.

Strategic objective: to be the leader in the technology and market of the same industry, to enter the top five industries in five to ten years, and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company with excellent development achievements in 2018; In 2020, the company's sales revenue will reach RMB1.8 billion.

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