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Technology Innovation
About Handler

The Story Begins Here...

Transform the traditional industries by high technology and promote industrial development by technology progress

Under the guidance of the development strategy of "leading technology differentiation", the Handler always adheres to the idea of "transform the traditional industries by high technology and promote industrial development by technology progress." With the breakthrough in industry key technologies, the Handler firstly developed many pioneering products, such as series intelligent vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform, series fire truck, series LED ultra-thin power supply, achieving the lead technology in the industry. In 2009, it was ranked first in the sales volume of vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform in the industry, successfully leading the development of the industry, and providing a guarantee for obtaining high-end users and entering the international competitive market.

Star Products

  • Gantry line erecting truck

    It is China's first large-span telescopic truss structure platform, which achieves the maximum high-altitude operating platform area and load, and is able to complete the "air corridor" three-dimensional operation.

  • 45m vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform

    It is China’s self-developed vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform with maximum height.

  • 1600kW emergency power supply vehicle

    It is China's first 20KV power supply vehicle, which uses power boost technology, and may achieve 20 kV / 400 dual voltage output.

  • UPS uninterruptible power supply vehicle

    It is a self-developed multi-function power supply vehicle, which truly realizes uninterruptible power supply switching through on-board UPS, miniaturization and integration.

  • Vehicle-mounted uninterrupted power supply operation equipment

    China's first non-power operation vehicle group

  • Small hornet fire robot

    It is Chinese first self-developed fire robot, also known as "Little Hornet", which is characterized by high speed, full remote control, large flow gun and long range, praised as "king of off-road."

  • Aerial smoke exhaust multi-agent combined fire truck

    It is the world's first water tower fire truck provided with contra-rotating fan, also known as "small whirlwind", which can carry "ultra-fine water mist - ultra-fine powder fire extinguishing agent" to make deep "fully submerged" injection for building fire.

To increase the comprehensive competitiveness, the Handler grows into a integrated group with diversified product structures from a local enterprise specializing in special vehicles through merger and reorganization. It strives to improve the innovation system with the industrial technology center as R&D subject, R&D innovation as basis, and differentiated design and customization as core. It has set up intelligent manufacturing technology research institute in Shanghai and Shenzhen to carry out innovative technology research in intelligent manufacturing equipment innovation R & D, motion control and servo drive, sensor, robot product development, artificial intelligence, industrial cloud and intelligent factory in order to provide source of motive force to company technology development, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness.

As of the end of 2016, the Handler has a total of 250 valid patents, including 34 invention patents; and wins 38 software copyright certificates. It has ever presided over and participated in the formulation and revision of 10 national and industry standards; undertaken more than 20 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects; got more than 10 national, provincial and municipal awards of progress in scientific and technological achievements; won the national second prize of progress in science and technology in the “Key Technology and Equipment Research for Military Engineering First-aid Repair and Construction” jointly developed by the troops, institutions and universities; won the national second prize of progress in military science and technology in the “New Spraying Vehicle” project in 2016; XHZ5211JGK vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform and on-board bypass operation equipment got the honorary title of Jiangsu Province first major equipment product in 2011and 2014 respectively.