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Scientific Research Strength
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Scientific Research Strength

The Handler has four national high-tech enterprise member companies, as well as provincial-level enterprise technology center, Jiangsu Province electric support special vehicle engineering technology research center, Jiangsu Province new engineering vehicle engineering center. It is an equipment contractor recognized by Army's General Armaments Department, a T-3 unit with military confidential qualification, a standard unit with integration of information technology and industrialization, and a special vehicle and fire truck manufacturing enterprise recognized by the National Ministry of Industry and Information, and the Ministry of Public Security. At the same time, it owns the special provincial inspection agency, and in addition, has the intelligent manufacturing research institutes in Shanghai and Shenzhen to be engaged in high-end technology research in intelligent manufacturing field.

The Handler has more than 400 R & D personnel, including over 30 PhDs and master degree candidates, 40 senior engineers, 4 provincial and municipal technology experts, 2 members of national and industry standard committee, one Xuzhou top ten outstanding patent inventor, and 5 engineering technology leaders of Jiangsu Province "333". It has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation, Southeast University, China University of Mining, Jiangsu University, Shenzhen University and other universities for a long term. For example, it cooperated with the China University of Mining to establish a graduate workstation, which is dedicated to cutting edge technology research, promotion and application; moreover, it has developed a long-term cooperation relationship with CTE, TEREX, Comau, ABB and other well-known international companies to introduce the most advanced products and technologies from Europe and the United States.

The Handler has a sound R & D system and basic test facilities, takes the lead in passing the GB /T29490 intellectual property management system certification, implements enterprise R & D management system, and introduces the refined R & D management model. In addition, it develops sound management mechanisms in product planning, R & D process management, product parts design specifications, and daily management, etc. The new product development widely uses the international advanced 3D and simulation software, and the PLM management system to achieve the effective integration of development design, technology and manufacturing. Meanwhile, the new product testing, verification system and digital simulation platform virtual analysis ensure the company's R & D capability and product quality.

  • Rainfall test platform

    Rainfall test platform

  • Test center

    Test center

  • Electric vehicle test room

    Electric vehicle test room

  • Vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform test room

    Vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform test room

  • Parts test room

    Parts test room

  • Insulation machine test room

    Insulation machine test room