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Ingenious Manufacturing
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Ingenious Manufacturing

The Handler has the largest production line of vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform, more than 400 advanced processing and testing equipment in all kinds, and implements refined management.It manifests the “manufacturing ingenuity” in the era of innovation through constant refinement in every link from new product and technology research to process, production, testing, and service.

  • 數顯雙面銑鏜床

  • 臂主焊縫直線焊接專機

  • 拋丸涂裝生產線

  • 轉臺機器人焊接系統

  • 10m電液同步數控液壓板料折彎機

  • 電力保障車輛裝配生產線

  • 高空作業車裝配生產線——國內最長

  • 數控光纖激光切割機

  • 消防車裝配生產線