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Smart Handler
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Smart Handler

Over 12 years of development, the Handler has initially formed a pattern that develops special vehicles, LED intelligent power and control systems, and intelligent manufacturing simultaneously. In the future, the Handler will continue to firmly implement the development strategy of “technology-leading differentiation”, carry forward the guiding ideology of “doing certain things and refraining from doing other things” around the intelligent equipment manufacturing field, and strive to constantly improve the core competitiveness by “endogenous growth” and “extensive development”. At the same time, the Handler will maintain the accelerated pace of internationalization, and actively seek opportunities to carry out international cooperation.

Based in Xuzhou, the Handler faces the whole nation and goes to the world. Xuzhou, as the headquartered location of Handler, has a good technical foundation and supporting industrial chain in the special vehicle industry, such that it is a main production base for Handler to develop the vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform and fire truck, as well as an important landing area for intelligent manufacturing industry; to adapt to the position needs of Handler’s leaders, the Handler will take full advantage of the platforms of Shanghai GrumMan, Shenzhen Lianshuoa and Shenzhen Giant Albert to further utilize the technical resources and human resources in developed areas, thus providing support for the development of Handler; 2015 witnessed the internationalization of Handler. Today, the Handler has achieved product CE certification and exported some products and components. In the future, the Handler will further strengthen international cooperation to introduce foreign advanced technology and export the product to the foreign market.

By focusing on intelligent equipment manufacturing field, the Handler will increase the investment in intelligent special vehicle, and endeavor to achieve intelligent operation proceeding from product design to automatically collect real-time information, product quality status and other information, thus providing data support for product maintenance and care; in intelligent manufacturing field, the Handler will try to realize the chain layout in technical research, core components, integrated manufacturing, talent supply and post-market maintenance through merger and direct investment.

In addition, the Handler will speed up the service-oriented manufacturing transformation in all industries from front-end customer-involved overall solution to customized product development, back-end post-market operation, maintenance and care, in order to realize the reform from simple product sales benefit to the whole life cycle benefit.