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Service Concepts
Customer Services

“Customer Success”is the Goal of Our Struggle

General principles of service system

The Handler establishes an effective, perfect service system with Handler brand characteristics in accordance with the ISO9001-2008, 24001-2004 and 28001-2001 system.

Service Standards

Six Every

Say every word properly; 

Do everything well; 

Do every work well;

Treat every user kindly;

Do every training well;

Offer every service well.

Four Don’t

Don’t delay in work because of me; 

Don’t break promise because of me; 

Don’t interrupt service because of me; 

Don’t damage image because of me.

Service Norms

Image norms, language norms, standard tools; 

Field service process specifications, inspection item and method norms; 

Communication norms;

Service Policies

Enthusiasm - customer first, treat customers as family; 

Initiative - meet all needs of customer;

Rule -- obey the rules, proper words and deeds; 

Timeliness -- keep promise and punctuality the time, and match words with deeds; 

Efficiency - focus on the results, and provide subsequent verification.

Service Commitment

Take the lead in professional achievements, and honestly create social well-being. We are committed to the intelligent equipment manufacturing to strive to be industry expert and pioneer.
  • 01

    01 Phone tracking service within one week after sale.

  • 02

    02 Active door-to-door service within one month after sale.

  • 03

    03 Keep tracking service within three months after sale.

  • 04

    04 Door-to-door service within six months after sale.

  • 05

    05 Vehicle inspection and maintenance within one year after sale.

  • 06

    06 Annual “operation, maintenance and repair technology training course for vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platform users”.

  • 07

    07 Irregular phone tracking service and active door-to-door service beyond three guarantees.

  • 08

    08 To solve any problems that arises in the course of use, our company will make response within 30 minutes from receipt of service information, and our headquarters, regional manager and service specialist will communicate to rush to the site within 48 hours to settle user's troubles.

Customer Success as our Mission

We are devoted to providing customers with satisfied special vehicle products and services to make your operation more safe, more comfortable and faster!